Drama Workshops

Our founder, Hyppolite Ntigurirwa10524084_10153428251534993_1869254924_n, has used performing arts for healing since he was a teenager. He has been trained as a theatre trainer by the Sundance Institute and University of Rwanda Centre for Arts and Drama. Since qualifying, Hyppolite has led and participated workshops and trainings with different groups. The content of his workshops depends on the needs of the group. One example of this is his work for USAID and for Gardens for Health. He wrote and directed workshops to help encourage people to use theatre to help address problems such as family planning and women empowerment.

Such training techniques have also been utilised to promote peace, forgiveness and healing to genocide survivors who are struggling to overcome their anger and hatred. In this way, drama is used as a peace building tool which has helped bring communities together and free many troubled survivors from their vengeful thoughts. 

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