All our projects are under one initiative called Be The Peace Initiative. We focus on Education, Arts and Community.

The initiative is implemented through innovative, engaging and empowering peace-building projects with and for young Rwandans aged between 12-18years. This is the age when children become politicised, sexualised, socialised and hatred-taught. The foundation works with Youth (12-18years old) –and particularly those from socioeconomically vulnerable backgrounds. Our projects provide mentoring opportunities and supportive networks necessary to form innovation and critically express diverse perspectives essential to achieve everyday peace, personal and social development.

Therefore, Be The Peace School is the project that funds and works with students clubs (Be The Peace Clubs) in different schools across the country. The clubs’ activities promote the culture of everyday peace within the school and in surrounding community through innovation and critical thought building leaders poised to lead Rwanda to the academic forefront of innovation, critical thought a foundation for sustainable peace and development.

Secondly, Be The Peace Arts runs, funds and promotes art-works of young people (12-18years old) that aim to promoting the culture of everyday peace, more importantly –durable and authentic peace. Through our third strand, Be The Peace Community;  we create, fund and/or implement projects aims to bridge the divide that persists in Rwandan community in order to rewrite the future of Rwandan “everyday peace”- individuals and groups deploying indigenous and innovative practices, habits, values which reminds everyone is everyone else’s keeper.

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