Inspired By You!

Humanity is not national;

It’s not a continental facet;

It’s not American or African;

Not Russian or Asian;

Not British or Korean;

It’s not Finnish or Danish;

Because none has ever been

a paragon of love!


Humanity is never sex or heart;

It isn’t a body or brain;

Not a stomach, not legs or skin;

Not long hair or short nails;

Because all the above can fade!


Humanity is not I or you;

Not her or him;

Not ‘us’, not ‘them’;

Not straight or gay;

Because all of us do live;

And do need!


Humanity is not religion or region;

Not disability or ability;

Not power or weakness;

It’s not war or fate;

Because all disagree each other!


Humanity is not preaching;

It’s not teaching or believing;

It’s not consuming or imposing;

It’s not hating or blaming;

Not whining or protesting;

Because these intimidate!


Humanity is not being;

It’s not copying or swearing;

It’s not demanding or requesting;

It’s not eating or fasting;

Because all these digress!


Humanity is not education;

It’s not a social construct;

Not a political mainstream;

It’s not business plan;

Not a manifesto or a minutes;

Because all can fail!


Humanity is not gender;

It’s not femininity or masculinity;

Not confession or temptations;

Because, all of these;

have been misunderstood!


Humanity is not from media;

Never been about the ideas;

Not even about frontiers;

Because since anorexia became ours;

Amnesia has become utopia!


Humanity should not be a silence;

It cannot be a noise or a curse;

Not an explanation or a story;

It’s not even one’s myth;

Because, humanity said;

Allegations arise from sides!


Humanity is not democracy;

It’s not a fantasy or a science;

It’s not resonance or renaissance;

For we are creating confusion;

Humanity can’t procreate!


Humanity is not essentialist;

It’s not rational or irrational;

Not yellow or black;

Not red or white;

Not even blue or green;

Because colours can be erased!


Humanity isn’t about wealth;

It’s not about rich or poor;

It’s not about home or exile;

It’s not about good or bad;

It’s just beyond all.


I can’t tell or you can’t tell;

What humanity is;

What human is;

Where and when ‘it’ all began;

How and why we live;

Because when hate came;

Killing followed;

And humanity suffered.


Humanity is more than understanding;

It’s more than you always advising;

It’s more than helping and forgiving;

It’s more than charity;

More than learning and knowing,

Humanity is more than everything else;

Humanity is LOVE.


Love because,

It never kills;

It never hates;

It never judges;

It’s never arrogant;

Never hostile or ignorant.


Humanity is LOVE;

Love everyone, and you pronounce Humanity universally.

Just that!

©Hyppolite Ntigurirwa 2017



You; I ; We Can Still Do…

You; I ; We Can Still Do…

How do I tell it hurts…
How do I tell my story,
     when it is repeating on the other side of the world?
How do I make him, the so-called powerful, understand that it’s not greatness but gradual killing?

How do I tell him that ‘We’ are the world
and not ‘the enemy’?
How do I maintain the merits of a peace activist when I can only cry
before I fall asleep,
    when I wake up,
         hear the virtual
                           tears of the babies
                                  born like his own,
                                            crying for help
                                                while he can only                                                           make them                                                            suffer even more…

How do I keep polite,
How do I keep decent thinking,
How do I keep loving,

How do I fight against hate when love was voted against?
Do I give up on thinking for a minute,
a month, year or a century…
Will it give joy?
Do I go or stay?
        Do I love
               Do I ?
                   Do you?
                        Do they?
                             Do we?

Maybe ‘we’ do and ‘they’ don’t,
Can we still then?
Yes, I , you, we can still LOVE.
Because, in the end,
Peace is What You Give,
Not What You Want Other
To Give To You.
         Give Peace,
                    Give Love,
                           Give Life…
©2017Hyppolite Ntigurirwa

If we wish a much better  world for ourselves and for all our descendents , we have to seed Love, Peace, Hope and Courage in the hearts of younger generation- Hyppolite Ntigurirwa