Hyppolite, our founder, has given and gives talks, lectures and workshops on different topics at the international level.  He has done so, in UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Rwanda, USA in different institutions including Havard University, Babson College, Bristol University, Boston University, etc. Hyppolite is available to give talks, workshops and/or lectures on the following topics:

  • Surviving the Genocide Against the Tutsi and Journey to Forgiveness
  • The Legacy and Cause of the Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi
  • Power of Performing Arts in Redressing Normality and Healing
  • How Do We Succeed in Life?
  • Suffering  And Aesthetic of Everyday Joy
  • Who And What Is Peace For?
  • How To Integrate The Habit of Everyday Peace In Our Activities?
  • Restoring Hope During and After Tragedy
  • Open to more specific requests too…

Availability: Hyppolite is pretty busy with so much travel plan , thus, a very limited availability. Therefore, his availability depends on early booking!  In cases where travel is challenging, he can do skype/zoom talks…


If you wish Hyppolite’s current play  HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT…  to be performed at your institution, you will need to book well in advance. The synopsis is available when requested.

To book Hyppolite or just get in touch  then please use the contact form below:

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