About Us

 “We work on the belief that resiliency depends much on what a person/ community dedicates their life to after a knock down situation”, Hyppolite Ntigurirwa, our Founder.

 More than a million people were killed in Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, just in a hundred days. Rwanda’s post-conflict growth and development-economically, socially and politically- has been nothing short of miraculous. However, Rwanda still has a lot to continuously promote and achieve. Rwanda was left with so many consequential problems.

  • Problem:

    Genocide ideology, hatred  and trauma persist and transmit  across generations. 

This is the main reason why Hyppolite For Peace Foundation was created: Halting the intergeneration transmission of hate. Our Initiative Be The Peace encompasses different projects aiming at providing and initiating the culture of everyday peace. We focus Education, Arts and Community Empowerment.

  • Mission

Our mission is to promote the culture of everyday peace. We run, fund, promote the projects that build and increase interpersonal peaceful relationships and values. We work with young people (12-18years old) to cultivate the habits of continuous peace everyday, peace everywhere and peace with everyone.

  • Vision

 Through “Be The Peace/Ba Amahoro Programme”, the foundation envisions to have an inclusive society, Rwanda, in which everyone is everyone else’s keeper and in which it doesn’t matter if one is different: each individual has the full rights and respect due to her/him only as a human being.

  • Scope

Our work was inspired by the history of Rwanda and our main projects are so far based in Rwanda. However, both sides (tragedy & resilience) of Rwandan history is just a sample of what can happen anywhere on the planet. Therefore, we work with every one from different walks of life as long as their goals fit in our mission and vision. We can work with institutions that believe in our model of change no matter where they are based in the world. 

  • Funding

 Donors sponsor our programme. Individuals, families and organisations who believe in peace, social change, education of young generation, equal rights and opportunities and entrepreneurship. Hyppolite For Peace does never accept any donation known to be attached to crimes, or/and to bad intention. 

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

 The activities that are carried out as a part of Be The Peace Programme, are clearly documented (videos, audio, documents…) and accordingly reported to partners and to any necessary auditors. In addition, daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, term & periodical reports are made depending on the nature and necessity of the work and project.